Frequently Asked Questions:

Explain what happens during our appointment?

A typical appointment takes about 45 minutes. We bring catalogs, photos, and sample materials and hardware. We discuss your needs and, if possible, take an inventory of your clothing in order to maximize space. Then, in about 3-5 business days, we email you a 3D line drawing, estimated price, and installation date. Typically installations occur 2-3 after your approval.

After the appointment, how long does it take before installation?

After receiving the order, installation usually begins in about 2 weeks.

How long does it take to install my closet?

The average system is usually installed in one full day. Multiple units will take longer.

Is it better to install carpeting or hardwood flooring before or after the job?

Carpeting and flooring should be done before floor standing units are installed. If all the units are suspended then it makes no difference.

If Iím getting a closet remodel, do you repair the holes from the old screw and nail holes?

Yes, we remove/recycle the existing closet and light putty and patch the wall. We also bring painting materials in the event that wall is discolored or a different color where the old closet was. We just ask that you provide the paint.

If Iím getting a closet make-over, what do I do with the clothes?

If the closet cannot be completed in a day we have several loaner free standing closet racks.

Do you remove the old base?

Typically we do not need to remove the base because we have pre-cut notches for any units that rest on the floor.

Do you offer solid wood closet systems?

Yes, we are one of the few who do and we are very good at it. Often, we add a solid wood frame to the system. The interior can remain melamine (a wood grain melamine looks great) or use plywood with the same veneer as the frame.

What kind of woods do you use?

We do any kind of wood. Alder, hickory, maple, and cherry are popular in central Oregon. We can make them euro or with solid wood face frame.

What is a typical material to use for closets?

Melamine is the standard for closets. Melamine is particleboard beneath a thin sheet of resin ďpaperĒ. They are available in a wide variety of colors from solid white or almond to very realistic grain patterns such as maple or cherry. Melamine is very stable, inexpensive, and very easy to clean. It is used in most of our closet systems. We also offer plywood for those that prefer real wood.

Do you do wire closet systems?

No, we have seen too many sagging and collapsed wire systems from other closet companies.

Do you put a backing on your systems?

We predominately use suspension system closets so backs are not necessary. We are happy to provide backs as an upgrade.

How much does a closet cost?

Our closets are customized so prices can vary. Each part has an associated material and labor cost. Itís best to have a budget to work with.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee our work to be of the highest quality workmanship and free of defects for one year from the date of installation.

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured.

Yes, and itís the law in Oregon. CCB #186389

Do you wear Viking helmets during an installation?

Not usually, we learned that the horns tend to get in the way. But we have been known to sing Finnish and Swedish songs and eat herring or lox for lunch.

Do you install on weekends?

Yes, but only on Saturdays

Do you have a showroom?

We do not have a showroom. We found it unnecessary since we will need to see your closet and take measurements. We bring photos and samples and will be able to answer all your questions.

Do you accept credit cards?

We do not accept credit cards at the moment.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, after you have agreed and signed on the design a 50% deposit is requested. The remaining balance is due on the day of the installation and your complete satisfaction.

Do you build more than closets?

Because we are a vertically integrated company, we are able to make everything under one roof locally. This allows us to control quality from start to finish and makes us much more cost effective. To answer your question, yes, we also make pantries, laundry rooms, garages, home/office systems and heirloom furniture. Visit our sister website for furniture.

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