Pantries come in all sorts of shapes and sizes

From reach-in, partial walk-in, to full walk-in. Here are some tips when considering the material, layout, and accessories

  • Consider using melamine for ease of cleaning and low cost. White melamine gives a clean, sterile appeal (when it's clean) and brightens the room and it's the most economical. Almond melamine often does a better job of hiding dust and crumbs at a similar cost to white melamine. Maple and Candlelight melamine are also fairly effective at hiding dust and crumbs and have the added appeal of a natural looking wood grain pattern. Darker melamine such as Chocolate Pear and Rustic Alder often look rich and elegant but tend to darken the pantry and show dust and crumbs more than the light colored melamines. We would not recommend wire shelves as items tend to fall over easily and can bow or even fail over time with heavy items such as canned and jarred goods
  • You can vastly improve capacity if the shelves are adjustable with a shelf peg system. Shelves fixed to the wall lack any versatility.
  • While you may have seen pantry systems resting on the floor, we have found that suspending the shelf units from 16-20 inches off the floor offers the most versatility and saves you money. With the first shelves off the floor, large and heavy items such as cases of water, soda, sacks of potatoes etc. can easily be stored.
  • Since most items are small in a pantry, Johan Closet Solutions prefers curved corners to avoid blind spots and eliminate restricted access. Curved corner shelves are also the most efficient use of space.
  • Baskets are also a smart idea for small individual items and they are available in rattan or metal with fabric liners to prevent items from falling out.
  • If you need an area for wine, consider sliding 4-6 place wine racks.
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